cot bed valance sheet white Cot bed valance sheet white
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  • toddler bed cot mattress
  • The reasons why Vizaro's home textiles are simply excellent: Tested for harmful substances. Fabric dyes are safe, your baby may suck them! All textiles perfectly combine with each other, including the curtains!

    All our products are made in the European Union, including fabrics! Easy to wash to ensure the hygiene. Wash your comforters and duvet fillings in the washing machine!

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    Products are tested to exclude the presence of any damaging substances. Safe fabric dyes, you can let your baby to suck the product!

    No matter how you choose to get your products we look forward to providing you with a great experience. Larges packages, cargo — Fee When buying big and heavy products such as mattresses, sofas or other kinds of furniture, a lot of customers prefer a home delivery.

    Unfortunately there are baby products in the market which are not considered safe by some entities and sometimes even not complying with legal EU standards. Babies tend to suck everything and they are very sensitive to harmful substances due to their low weight and growth stage. Vizaro brand stands for safe baby products and is a grant for parents to keep their babies away from toxic chemicals. Our products are tested for harmful substances in specialised external labs.

    cot bed valance sheet white Cot bed valance sheet white

    Complete home decoration for baby room. Duvet cover, bumper, curtains, sleeping bags, toy baskets and many other accessories, all combined!

    Vizaro has got a wide variety of collections for every style: We recommend to choose on collection for baby room decoration and another for Carry Cot bassinet. Some parents prefer to buy everything just from one collection. Only the highest Premium Quality.

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  • All products made in the European Union, including fabrics and every compound. All products are being inspected before their shipping.

    All products are being inspected before their shipping. In the fairy tale, Holger the Dane rests in the casemates of Kronborg castle with his beard grown into a marble table. Home delivery of small packages - Fee When you shop online in JYSK, you can always choose to get your order delivered to your own home, at work or anywhere else which is convenient for you.

    Vizaro tests intensively every product before introducing it into the market in order to assure a long lifespan of our products. Unavoidably your baby won't stop growing and quickly become a child. And so do his bed. Vizaro provide you all bedding sizes in order to keep the baby room decoration in harmony starting from Moses basket, Baby Cot and Cot Bed up to standard Bed size when the baby grows!

    Easy to wash to ensure maximum hygiene. All products are washable in the washing machine using a standard program up to 40 degrees Celsius. All our padded products are also washable in the washing machine including bumpers, toy baskets, swaddle wraps, duvets and duvet fillings.



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