fold up cot with mattress Fold up cot with mattress

This folding bed offers superior comfort paired with the convenience of a folding bed. The Traveler Premier folding bed ranks high among folding beds thanks to its size.

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  • While most folding beds are only 30 inches wide, the Traveler Premier folding bed is a full 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, making it the size of a standard twin bed. The mattress on this bed is a luxurious four inches thick, with one inch of pressure relieving comfort foam and three inches of high-density base support foam. This combination is the perfect balance between comfort and support, offering plenty of both. The foam in the Traveler Premier is guaranteed to stay fresh, thanks to the natural ingredients added to this special memory foam.

    Green tea extract ensures the foam smells fresh, while active charcoal eliminates odors and absorbs moisture, keeping the foam perfectly dry. This metal frame is sleek and understated and provides a solid base for the mattress. The grid supports also prevent the mattress from sagging, ensuring that your Traveler Premier mattress will last for years to come. This folding bed comes in a variety of sizes, making it a versatile option for your guest bed needs.

    You can choose between the cot size 31 inches by 74 inches , twin size 36 inches by 74 inches , and an XL twin size 36 inches by 78 inches. This is a wider variety of size options than other folding beds, making the LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed an attractive option if you plan on accommodating guests that need extra space. The mattress is made up of three inches of support foam and one inch of memory foam, giving a good amount of support and providing the body-conforming comfort that memory foam is known for.

    The bed can easily be folded up, and wheels on the bottom of the frame allow it to be rolled away smoothly and stored. In addition, the base of the bed has a spring-supported poly deck, offering support with greater comfort than a folding bed frame with wood or metal slats. This is one of the longest warranties available for any folding bed. This bed unfolds quickly and comes ready-to-use, with no assembly required.

    The iBed is comfortable, too, with a spring supported mesh base, so there are no wood or metal bars poking your guests when they sleep on this bed. With a sturdy frame made from tubular steel, the iBed is durable enough to last for years to come. The frame is still light, however, weighing just over 25 pounds with the mattress on top.

    This makes it incredibly easy to fold away and store. In addition to its lightweight frame, the iBed is also easy to store thanks to its size. When folded, this bed is under six inches tall and slides easily under a bed or in a closet. When unfolded, the bed is 32 inches by 74 inches—smaller than the average twin bed, but still spacious enough to sleep on comfortably.

    The iBed is affordable, lightweight, and easy to store, while still offering plenty of comfort. This bed is high quality and durable.

    fold up cot with mattress Fold up cot with mattress

    Used by many luxury hotels and resorts, this folding bed is the ultimate in comfort and is sure to last for many years, even with constant use. The Milliard Folding Bed comes with a comfortable 4-inch premium foam mattress, providing plenty of support. It feels just like sleeping on a regular bed, with a strong wire mesh that supports the mattress and allows it to hold the average adult easily. The mattress measures 31 by 74 inches, making it smaller than a twin size bed, but still large enough for most people.

    Weighing only 27 pounds, the Milliard Folding Bed is lightweight and easy to store. A hinged lock bar keeps the bed folded securely. With its high quality Italian craftsmanship and durable frame, the Milliard Folding Bed is an excellent choice for those who are expecting a lot of guests.

    One of the advantages of this bed is that despite being light, the bed can handle even the heavy weight individuals. Heavy duty cots are made using steel frames which have the ability to withstand heavier weight.

    This bed is inexpensive and no-frills, but does exactly what it needs to, offering a convenient, easy-to-store bed. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot has a sturdy frame with stretched canvas to support the mattress.

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  • The mattress is relatively thin, but made of comfortable foam. With its heavy-duty steel frame, this bed supports the weight of the average adult easily. The mattress measures 69 inches by 25 inches, making it one of the smallest folding mattresses available. A larger person will likely not be able to sleep comfortably on this bed. However, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is perfect for kids or smaller adults, especially when you consider the low price.

    The low price makes this folding bed an especially attractive option for those on a budget. With a wide variety of options, there are folding beds available to meet any need and any budget.

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    Whether you want to use your folding bed for camping or just need a guest bed for the occasional visitor, a folding bed is a great choice.



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