baby cot mattress Baby cot mattress

The mattress is made up of a coiled spring interior assisted by layers of foam and felt padding to provide comfort and support to the baby.

One side is usually covered in cotton or a similar material, and the other side is usually covered in a more durable PVC type material that is easy to wipe clean when dirty. This ensures that a good level of airflow is maintained, so the baby's body temperature stays regulated throughout their sleep.

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  • Long lasting Generally more expensive than a foam mattress The cotton side can be harder to keep clean, but does provide comfort. Natural Fibre Baby Mattress Natural fibre baby cot mattresses are made slightly differently to the traditional baby mattresses in the market.

    The natural filling is so powerful because it helps more air to circulate through the mattress so not only does your baby get a comfortable sleep but their temperature is regulated to a higher quality. Like most baby mattresses, they are manufactured to have an easy wipe cover to make removing bacteria and dirt easy. This firmness means they retain their shape and last longer Strong air circulation properties.

    Less availability than other types of baby cot mattress Noticeably more expensive than alternatives. If this is a concern then you may want to strongly consider purchasing a hypoallergenic mattress for your baby.

    Hypoallergenic baby mattresses are usually manufactured to have a quilted top layer which also it to be quickly and easily detached and washed. They can be washed at 60 degrees which is the optimal temperature to kill dust mites and bacteria that may cause or worsen allergies. Pro's Great choice if you baby has allergens or asthma Easy to maintain and keep clean Con's Often more expensive than other types of mattress For the majority of babies, this is a luxury purchase.

    The New Type of Hybrid Baby Cot Mattress In recent times baby cot mattresses are often no longer separated by material and now you will find that you can purchase mattresses made from a range of materials.

    For example it may have a pocket spring foundation with a layer of foam. This is even more effective because you get the benefits of two different types of structures and materials. So when you are purchasing a mattress be sure to check whether there is more than one key material. Preparing for a new born can end up being fairly costly once you account for all the items you need to purchase, and it is completely normal for you to look for ways to save money that can be spent on other things.

    Your new baby needs a fresh clean start on a brand new supportive mattress. The big issues with secondhand baby mattresses is that they can lose shape so they are uncomfortable to sleep on. They can also be infested with hidden bacteria, germs or dust mites. Unfortunately, there is also strong evidence that implies that cot death cases can be linked to the use of secondhand mattresses. Regardless of how well it was maintained it's not a great idea to hand this down to another baby.

    If you are not able to do this, continue to use the one you have, as long as it was made with a completely waterproof cover and has no holes,tears or cracks. Clean and dry it thoroughly. The mattress should fit in the cot snugly with no gaps around the edges. The majority of cots and mattresses come in standard sizes but you should be sure to double check to ensure that it will fit. A mattress that fits perfectly will be snug against all four sides of the cot with no breathing space or gaps present.

    If there's a gap this presents a danger as your baby's limb could get caught. Warranty There are several manufacturers who supply their mattresses with year warranties which often play a large factor in customers buying the product over an alternative.

    You shouldn't let this alter your choice because the length of warranty doesn't always ensure quality. Plus realistically you'll only need your cot and mattress for a max of five years per child. We definitely recommend you either purchase a mattress with a removable cover or buy one separately to go with your mattress.

    You do get what you pay for. They are one of the leaders in the market due to their ongoing product innovation and technology development.

    This foam free cot mattress is designed with the main aim of providing your baby with a comfortable and safe sleep whilst they are in the important growing stage. This allows air to circulate freely through the surfaces so your baby can easily breath and brings a safer nights sleep.

    This is especially important if your baby sleeps on their front. The mattress is naturally hypoallergenic which helps to prevent allergies, dust mites and skin irritations.

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    It also includes a breathable cover which has fillings to further reduce overheating. The cover is also removable which makes it easy and convenient to wash.

    baby cot mattress Baby cot mattress

    Breathable 3d mesh material to encourage air circulation whilst supporting your baby throughout their sleep Hypoallergenic to prevent allergic reactions Removable, washable cover Check Prices Bottom Line This Silentnight baby mattress is the leader in the market due to its firm breathable hypoallergenic mattress.

    It is built using a high grade Bennelli spring mattress unit which is then covered in a highly resillient foam stockinette which is then fitted with a waterproof adjustable membrane.

    The mattress is also fitted with a removable quilted cover which makes it easy to wash. The mattress is extremely comfortable and breathable whilst also providing comfort so it's ideal for keeping your baby's spine in a strong position when sleeping.

    Check Prices Bottom Line This mattress is our budget pick due to the exceptional level of comfort and technology that's built into the mattress to keep your baby cool throughout the night. Mother Nurture Spring Cot Bed Mattress Review See Reviews Mother Nurture have designed and manufactured an affordable, yet quality baby cot mattress, which so far has had nothing but positive feedback from users around the country.

    The inside of the mattress is lined with a water resistant material which stops liquids from seeping into the inside of the mattress.

    Allergy UK has a list of approved mattress covers and bedding. For the purpose of this article however I have concentrated on floor beds. If you see the words, continuous coil, or miracoil on your baby cot mattress this means open coil.

    Check Prices Bottom Line Whilst this mattress is much more affordable in comparison to our top rate mattress, it can still bring a huge amount of benefit to your baby's sleep.

    From the breathable surface to its firm interior to provide support to the spine whilst releasing pressure. They have now developed a pocket sprung cot mattress. Pocket springs work individually to contour and shape to your baby's body and react to changes in pressure, weight and shape. This ensures that is provides the ultimate support for your ever growing baby. The mattress is anti allergy and features a waterproof panel whilst the material is also breathable to provide strong airflow.

    baby cot mattress Baby cot mattress

    Unlike competitor products, this mattress can be flipped over to retain its shape meaning it will last significantly longer. Waterproof surface to stop liquids from seeping into the core. Breathable surface ensures that a good level of airflow is maintained. Manufactured by a well reknonwed company within the industry so you know you can trust them Meets all necessary UK standards and regulations.

    It will last a very long time and should last for the whole time your new baby needs it whilst providing them with the best start to life.

    The mattress is available in two variations: The mattress features a hypo-allergenice, breathable cover so your baby can breather with ease. The cover is also water resistant and removable so it is easy to clean and can be washed at 60 degrees to remove germs and bacteria.

    The inner core is made from a high resilient dent proof foam. The foam is also vented to allow for air circulation.

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  • All these features combine to provide a comfortable and safe sleep for your baby. Provides both a comfortable and safe sleep for your baby. Check Prices Bottom Line Obaby have clearly made a product that resonates with customers which has been reflected in a large number of positive reviews throughout the industry.

    Of the two options we would recommend the spring version because this has been proven to give a more comfortable sleep than just foam as the springs independently contour and shape to your baby's position as they change throughout their sleep. Closing Remarks It's a difficult decision to narrow it down to a single mattress. Although we recommend a spring, natural or hybrid system over a mattress that solely uses foam, people have been using foam mattresses for many years because not only do they provide quality orthopaedic support, but they also are extremely affordable.



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