slim cot bed Slim cot bed

Innovative and unique lever locking systems provide excellent tension to the bed surface.

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  • The robust TH72M alloy frame means a packed weight of just 2. Put away that sleeping mat, it's time for an upgrade! With a packed weight of just 1. Lite Cot is rated to hold kg and the bed surface measures x 60 cm. The super-compact packed sized of just 53 cm long will easily fit in most back packs. Supplied with 4 press-fit leg frames, Lite Cot can also be assembled with just 3 leg frames for lighter persons, further reducing the packed weight.

    Move up to the next level of comfort. The unique Helinox lever system assembles the bed and tensions the sleeping surface simply and easily.

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  • Setting up and packing up is a breeze. That leaves more time for what matters most — a good night's rest! Helinox ultra lightweight construction doesn't compromise strength. Despite weighing just 2. The legs raise the bed surface to 38 cm from the ground providing additional stowage space underneath.

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    This is a camp stretcher for the big and bigger! Compared to Cot One, bed size is increased to cm x 75 cm longer and wider and Cot Max features four legs instead of three. The same lever locking system provides excellent tension to the bed surface. The surface fabric also features additional reinforcing.

    Cot Max Convertible features hubs are compatible with an optional extension leg kit set of Where else would you find a big bed this comfortable at less than 3 kg? Shop Now Tension up for the best sleep The ever-present problem with camp stretchers is how to tension the bed surface without adding bulky cross bars or braces.

    Helinox's unique 'lever lock' tensioning system solves this problem without adding extra weight.

    Thoroughly clean the waterproof layer and ensure the mattress is clean and dry before making it up with fresh bed clothes. Suitable from newborn to six months, this stylish co-sleeper has six adjustable heights and can be inclined to help with reflux. If you need any help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

    One side of each leg features a pivoting lever. The top side of each lever engages with the side frame of the stretcher.

    slim cot bed Slim cot bed

    The lever is then compressed and locked into place. The lever locking system is used on both Cot One and Cot Max.



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