double cot bed camping Double cot bed camping

What our customers say Guest Bed The Bundle Bed is the solution to a spare bed in a small space, and without the need for a spare room at all. Unroll it anywhere in your house for friends, family and impromptu guests, or take it with you when heading for a night away.

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  • Get two and, with a Bundle Bed double sheet, turn your single guest bed into a double. They are easy to store, to set-up and to pack-away, and ensure a great night's sleep, anywhere. Had friends and their two children over this weekend and instead of the usual hassle of finding air beds without punctures, finding the pump, finding the pump adaptor, finding batteries for the pump, finding sheets or sleeping bags and duvets and pillows and then having to do the whole thing in reverse the next morning We unclipped, unrolled, unzipped our Bundle Beds and that was that!

    Put two together with the fitted double sheet and you have a cosy double camping bed without the airbed rustle and squeak! With a water resistant outer layer you can pop it down whilst battling with the tent and the mattress is self-inflating so you'll be toasting marshmallows faster than you can say unclip, unroll, unzip Used for longer camping trips in Australia in the Mountains where it gets cold at night.

    So warm that no PJs required and the mattress is probably double the thickness of our previous self inflating camping mats. Overall so easy to pack and use and very warm. Unroll it anywhere in your house for friends or family to sleep on, or take it with you when heading for a night away. It's easy to store, to set up and to pack away, and ensures a great night's sleep.

    Sooo cosy - Harry Humes aged 4! Festival Bed The ideal festival bed to ensure a great night's sleep after a day of partying. No one wants to spend ages setting up their bed, so just unclip, unroll, unzip and the Bundle Bed is ready for you to return to after your day of festival fun.

    Best night's sleep at a festival i've ever had!! My boyfriend and I were fighting over who got to sleep in it. We may need to purchase a second! No excuse for not booking a romantic getaway under the stars! I would really recommend this couples pack - the double sheet that you can buy is well worth it as it instantly transforms your bundle beds into a double bed, with ample space; again a real benefit for camping lovers!

    Really looking forward to using them again in the summer and in the meantime, they will be very useful over Christmas to sleep the extra family members! Simply unclip, unroll, unzip and it's ready for sleep. And what's more, the water resistant outer layer will keep the salt water out and the bedding dry! On the nursery floor If you're a parent, you've probably spent a night or two on the nursery floor, shh-ing and patting whilst your little one desperately fights sleep.

    Roll out a Bundle Bed by the cot for a more comfortable nursery shift! Loaded with a few bottles and my best rocking arms, I got the little guy to go down.

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  • Bundle Bed to the rescue! I unfurled the bed next to him and between sleep and feeds every few hours, got my wife that full night's sleep whilst also getting some myself. Very comfortable and warm in deepest darkest February. A success all around.

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    Well the water resistant outer layer means you can keep your bed bundled and free of sand until you're ready to sleep. Then unclip, unroll, unzip and it's ready for sleep. Plus, the Bundle Bed can be stripped down and washed so you never have to worry about sandy sleeping again! I bought this to use in a school camping trip that I run on the beach, it did not disappoint!

    The internal lining of this bag uses a blend of cotton and tetron fibers to achieve an extra warm and cozy feeling. Step 2 — Decide what you want your cot to look like; do you want something all black or with bright colors?

    Absolutely amazing nights sleep, really easy to carry and convenient to pack up. Simply unzip, unroll, unzip and it's ready to sleep on. Then just as quick, zip, roll and clip and it's back to a small, easy to store bundle.

    Unwrapped by the boys on Christmas morning and have not slept in their own beds since. A great present that fits perfectly in the Landrover Surfers Want to sleep near the beach and hit the waves at first light?

    double cot bed camping Double cot bed camping

    Look no further than a Bundle Bed. Easy to transport, roll it out in the back of your car or van or on the beach, get some rest and then hit the waves early in the morning. After spending endless nights camping in the back of a van on an airbed and waking up with a sore back, it was great to wake up pain free Highly recommend for camping and will certainly use for surf trips too. Easy to roll out, and easy to put away.



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