cot bed india Cot bed india

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Join the class here! Home Baby Shopping for your baby Cots, Moses baskets, cribs and bedding Buying a cot, crib or cradle: With all the options out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

The shops have everything from a Moses basket, palna, jhoola, carrycot or hammock to a wide variety of cots. See what bedding options are available for babies so that you can find one that suits your family requirements. Depending on the size you get, your baby can use his cot for up to three or even five years. Some parents get cots made to order from a carpenter or furnishing store. If this is what you choose to do, find one that specialises in baby furniture and comes recommended.

Useful features in a cot include: This will let you lower the mattress as your baby grows so that he cannot climb out of the cot on his own. This allows you to lower the railing of the cot on one side making it easy to take your baby out of the cot repeatedly when he is feeding frequently as a newborn.

The wheels at the bottom of the cot make it easy for you to move your baby around the house without disturbing his sleep. It also makes cleaning under the cot easier. A cot with wheels is practical if you want to draw it next to your bed for the night but want it to be in another part of the room during the day.

You can also rock your baby by gently moving the cot back and forth. Make sure there are stoppers or locks on the wheels so that the cot can't be pushed around or slide off on its own!

Carry cots come in all sizes and shapes. If the base is fully flat, you can use it as your baby's first bed. But if the back is slightly raised, it is not recommended to let your baby lie in it for long. Carry cots are useful if you need to step out of the house at a time of the day that your baby usually sleeps. If it is part of a buggy , stroller or pram it can be particularly useful because you won't have to carry it around.

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However, many car seats now double as a small carry cot. Though the base is not fully flat, they let you carry your baby as he sleeps for short periods. Most baskets are made from palm, although they can be made from maize or the more expensive versions from wicker. Wicker baskets tend to be the most durable.

They have handles so that you can move them easily from room to room. Moses baskets usually come complete with a set of bedding and a fabric-covered hood. They also usually come with their own foam mattress. Moses baskets can be used on the floor, on your bed, or you can buy a separate stand so that they can be placed at a more convenient height next to your bed.

Moses baskets can only be used for about the first three months or so, which can make it an expensive purchase if you're using a new one. Check when buying a Moses basket that its handles are sturdy and meet in the middle. Carry the basket with the handles together and with one hand underneath supporting your baby.

If you're at all worried, take your baby out of the basket before you move it. Watch out for any sharp edges in the Moses basket because that can hurt your baby.

If you're buying with a stand, check the strength of the stand. Some are passed down generations or made at home, but you can also buy modern baby hammocks or cloth cradles in baby stores or online. Hammocks are very popular because they hold your baby snugly, as if she's being swaddled. And the swaying motion of a hammock make it easy for a sleepy baby to drift off.

But if your baby is sleeping in a hammock, even if it is only for a short nap, you'll need to be vigilant that she doesn't roll over onto her side or stomach. If she does, she might find it difficult to turn onto her back again. Traditional suspended cradles or jhoolas are made of cane or jute, but you can find modern ones that look like a hanging Moses basket. These are more sturdy and broader than a baby hammock as they have a hard frame, but they can only be used for about the first four months of your baby's life.

Once your baby starts rolling over , you will need a bed or cot with higher railings so your baby doesn't fall out. They rock like a hammock or suspended cradle but have a stable base on the ground.

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  • Some cradles have a firm base and only the bed portion of the cradle moves, while others have a rounded base like a rocking chair or rocking horse so that the bed stays firm but the whole cradle rocks gently back and forth.

    Just like a Moses basket or suspended cradle, a stationary cradle can only be used for around the first four months of your baby's life. Since it is small, snug and cosy, babies might find it comforting.

    cot bed india Cot bed india

    The difference is that unlike a Moses basket it cannot be carried, and unlike a cradle, it doesn't rock. After three to four months, your baby may start to roll over. This means the bassinet may tip over or your baby can fall out. So you will need to move your baby into a cot or bed later on. Keeping your baby in a playpen with some toys will keep him busy and under your supervision, while you get some work done! These are light weight and can fold up.

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  • Yet they are very sturdy when you unfold them into a cot. They allow you to have a familiar bed for your baby even if you are in a new place. They might help your baby feel secure at night even if you are in an unfamiliar surrounding.

    Some parents get cots made to order from a carpenter or furnishing store. Wooden khaats are not as common now as steel and nylon have replaced the more expensive natural materials.

    You can make such a bed suitable for a baby by using an added railing that will prevent your baby from falling off. This railing can then be removed once your baby can sleep safely on his own. Most parents start with a cot and move their baby to a toddler bed when they are three years old or when a sibling arrives and they want to use the cot for the new baby.



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