cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

It's vital your child's cot is a safe place for her.

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  • Here are some things to look out for. CHOICE tests show that some cots with this label might still fail some safety criteria, perhaps due to manufacturing variations, but standards certification is the benchmark. Most cots are certified when first produced, but might then be manufactured for several years without ever being re-certified, which means manufacturing variations can subtly change the cot over time.

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    We think manufacturers should get their cots re-certified at least every two years. All components should be permanently fixed or require the use of a tool to take apart.

    cot bed guide pin Cot bed guide pin

    Deep enough to stop a child from falling out: The depth should be mm when it is in the upper position. The depth should also be at least mm when the dropside is down.

    The inquiry heard the Cosatto Stratford cot had a serious design defect which meant its side could come loose, creating a gap that a child could fall in to. The other end is sewn 7. To solve this I have rented baby gates at my destination on multiple occasions.

    The mattress should fit snugly around all sides: Gaps at the sides are a suffocation risk as your baby could roll face-first into them.

    Check there are no head entrapment hazards: Any large space or opening must be between 50mm and 95mm to stop your baby from either getting caught or falling out.

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  • There should be no limb entrapment hazards: Check for finger entrapment hazards: The dropside should be secure and smooth to operate: Make sure there are no sharp edges or hazardous protrusions: All the components of the cot should be blunt, smooth and gently contoured.

    There should be no footholds: Measure the dropside clearance:



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