boori cot bed teething rail Boori cot bed teething rail
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  • Both are part of the classic heritage teak range at Boori. The problem I have had with it only started along with my daughters teething, she has been using the top strap to chew on naturally However I began to notice a lot of painful pus filled blisters on her tongue and around her mouth and chin, these affected her eating and were a bit of a mystery to me.

    Obviously she is a baby and Cannot let me know where they came from.

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  • Germolene soon cleared up her little face but I had to see a health visitor about her inner mouth. It was brushed off as viral as per. Until one morning I leaned in to get my daughter from her cot she had something in her mouth, it was a huge chewed splint of wood and there it was obscured from my sight a large piece of the strapping was missing what I could only describe as its treated topcoat.

    boori cot bed teething rail Boori cot bed teething rail

    My daughter had been able to tear it off with all of her 4 teeth. Naturally i was furious and wrote to Boori who replied offering a replacement strap of wood for aesthetic reasons free of charge. This made me even more angry.

    I never wrote because of how it looked, I wrote because it was a danger to my baby.

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    I kept all of the paperwork for it I would need it if I were using all stages of this bed. So on looking through it all nowhere did it recommend or even advertise the use of a rubber rail. I wrote them again to tell them this and to describe my dismay at their lack of regard for safety, I can only describe it as preying on the weak, babies can't tell you There's something wrong and that was what made it so despicable.

    I wrote again to tell them exactly that. And to demand a replacement with the Now reccomended rails included.

    This made me even more angry. Extra details All Kiddicare brand products are designed and tested to the very latest European safety standards. Removable feet allow the cot to be lowered further if required Toddler Guard Rail included.

    They won't budge without original purchase details My argument is still the same its a Boori branded Product. Boori made it and therefore they are responsible for any flaws or design faults.

    My argument is still the same its a Boori branded Product. In addition we do a quality check per batch of stocks so we can assure that you have a peace of mind purchasing from us,we strive our best ot make sure customers are satisfi

    I t should be their responsibility to rectify this problem, and because it was a gift basically I don't have the right to ask anything of them. That cant be right can it? Thanks for any advice in advance:



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