beautiful baby cots Beautiful baby cots

My baby hates his cot. What should I do?

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Share Jill Irving Health visitor If your baby starts wailing as soon as it's bedtime, you may assume that he hates his cot. But it's far more likely that he just doesn't want to go there to sleep on his own. Your baby may be used to being fed or rocked to sleep in his Moses basket or carrycot. Once you put your baby in a cot, he has to adjust to a whole new way of falling asleep , and that's what causes the upset.

So before you make this drastic change to his bedtime, work with your baby to make his cot a place where he wants to be.

You can visit the website at www. She never really cried or got upset to the point of me needing to go to her during the night but she was more tired during the day as she had had less sleep than normal. This will provide enough space for movement of pieces.

Try to let him have at least one daytime nap in his cot. You can do this by putting some of his favourite toys in the cot during the day when he isn't sleepy.

Make a game out of reaching in and getting them out.

beautiful baby cots Beautiful baby cots

Then step it up to putting him down in the cot to get the toy. Your baby will come to think of the cot as a pleasant place to be. You could also work on encouraging your baby to develop good sleep habits. Try to make sure that he doesn't need to be rocked or fed to sleep.

If your baby is used to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to sleep in your arms, gently wake him before laying him down in his cot.

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  • When you see your baby drifting off during a feed, end his meal and finish his bedtime routine before laying him down while he's drowsy but not asleep. Once he's mastered the ability to self-soothe, you're well on your way to peaceful nights. Enter your due date or child's birthday Trying to conceive?

    beautiful baby cots Beautiful baby cots

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    It is a happy balance between traditional English country and city chic. A bed that grow with you child When you child is ready to crawl out of bed without any help, you can remove the sides of the bed. It is the creative interior expression of a laid-back parent.

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